Saturday, October 10, 2009

Urban surveillance game?

via BoingBoing

"Internet Eyes is a new 'game' where the public is invited to watch thousands of CCTV cameras for criminal activity. The most successful crimespotters can win cash prizes..."

alva noto

Friday, October 2, 2009

architectural tourism of the unbuilt

via bldgblog

"a public art project that allows individuals to browse visionary designs for the City of New York on their iPhones."

Users can view images and descriptions of speculative projects ranging from Buckminster Fuller’s dome over midtown Manhattan, to Antonio Gaudi’s unbuilt cathedral, to Archigram’s pop-futurist “Walking City,” all while standing on the projects’ intended sites.

In other words, you go around the city, iPhone in hand – a kind of architectural dowsing rod held in front of you – discovering the traces of buildings that never were (perhaps even fragments of a city yet to come)."