Monday, May 31, 2010


"Skimming is becoming our dominant mode of thought. Once a means to an end, a way to identify information for further study, it’s becoming an end in itself—our preferred method of both learning and analysis. Dazzled by the Net’s treasures, we are blind to the damage we may be doing to our intellectual lives and even our culture.

What we’re experiencing is, in a metaphorical sense, a reversal of the early trajectory of civilization: We are evolving from cultivators of personal knowledge into hunters and gatherers in the electronic data forest. In the process, we seem fated to sacrifice much of what makes our minds so interesting."

Author Nicholas Carr: The Web Shatters Focus, Rewires Brains

Friday, May 14, 2010

Joost Rekveld

"Joost Rekveld (1970) has been making abstract films and light installations since 1991, originally starting out from the idea of a visual music for the eye. He has been making most of his animated films with optical and mechanical setups, using the computer as a controller and composition machine in order to orchestrate the precise movements of optical components. His installation making grew out of the tools he developed to make his films, often inspired by the lesser frequented by-ways in the history of science and technology. His work so far has dealt with various forms of scanning, or with concepts related to the early history of optics and perspective. His interest in the spatial aspects of light triggered a shift away from the screen, towards more architectural and theatrical forms of work. At the moment he is becoming increasingly implicated in activities that resemble cybernetics, artificial life and robotic architecture."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chlorofilia - a new species of architecture

Los Angeles in 2106 becomes Chlorofilia, a "self-sustaining, self-protecting natural ecology, used converted highways as aqueducts and dispersed nutrients into an adaptable organism that continuously adjusted itself to changes in demographics and housing requirements."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Grayson Perry's 'Map of Nowhere' 2008

"Inspired by medieval maps and mystical diagrams, there are churches for Microsoft, Tesco and Starbucks. A shanty town on stilts is labeled 'Free Market Economy'."

Jared Tarbell : Invader Fractal

Launch Invader Fractal

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Glib, Gnomic Generalizing

Sound bites from "Hasty Habits of Mind" We should read the whole thing:

"Negative criticism can seem mean-spirited. It’s more pleasant to be post-critical. But the prices we pay are to have too many delusions—especially delusions of grandeur—and to waste too much time foraging dead ends."

"In fetishizing newness, we ensure obsolescence."

"There are common modes of 'serious' discourse that we should find troubling, and all have to do with a compulsion to move fast while frantically scooping up or tossing out tiny morsels along our paths."

"Tossed-off tweets are fast food for the mind, no chewing required. We see this in blogs, but increasingly also in academic discourse. Tweets must be short. This doesn’t force them to be shallow, but it sure nudges them in that direction."

"Information overload induces ignorance."

"We partake in a culture of glib, gnomic generalizing."

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Echo Chambers

Psychology, Education, Social Media

"…any situation in which information, ideas or beliefs are amplified or reinforced by transmission inside an “enclosed” space."

"Spaces where like-minded people listen only to those people who already agree with them ... insular and sustained by collective belief rather than by any objective reality."

Deranged Penguin

"No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
-- Nietzsche

...probably just an ear infection.

Micah Lidberg