Monday, March 15, 2010

Will Insley: ONECITY


"26 years ago, the Guggenheim hosted an exhibition of work by Will Insley, focusing particularly on Insley's project ONECITY ... the artist described his own interests as having 'very little to do with advanced planning theories of the present' and no relation really at all to the 'utopias of the future, but rather with the dark cities of mythology, which exist outside of normal times in some strange location of extremity.' ... Insley once quipped:

'what was absent from the ruin is often less marvelous than we imagine it to have been. The abstract power of suggestion (the fragment) is greater than the literal power of the initial fact. Myth elevates.’

These mythic fragments of a city that never was thus take their artistic power more from suggestion—of possible archaeologies and future extensions, impossible events this civilization of the plains might yet undergo—rather than any sense of intended realizability." -- BLDGBLOG

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