Saturday, April 3, 2010

Aesthetic Coherence

essay by David OReilly

"A phenomenon is created truthfully in a work of art through the attempt to rebuild the entire living structure of its inner connections" – Tarkovsky

David OReilly on Aesthetic Coherence in 'Please Say Something':

"My central idea in constructing the world of the film was to prove that something totally artificial and unreal could still communicate emotion and hold cinematic truth. The film makes no effort to cover up the fact that it is a computer animation, it holds an array of artifacts which distance it from reality, which tie it closer to the software it came from. This idea is in direct opposition to all current trends in animation, which take the route of desperately trying to look real..."

"Those who aren’t fully conscious of the aesthetic fabric of their worlds will revert to default decision making, essentially to the common doctrine, or mediocrity..."

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