Thursday, May 6, 2010

Glib, Gnomic Generalizing

Sound bites from "Hasty Habits of Mind" We should read the whole thing:

"Negative criticism can seem mean-spirited. It’s more pleasant to be post-critical. But the prices we pay are to have too many delusions—especially delusions of grandeur—and to waste too much time foraging dead ends."

"In fetishizing newness, we ensure obsolescence."

"There are common modes of 'serious' discourse that we should find troubling, and all have to do with a compulsion to move fast while frantically scooping up or tossing out tiny morsels along our paths."

"Tossed-off tweets are fast food for the mind, no chewing required. We see this in blogs, but increasingly also in academic discourse. Tweets must be short. This doesn’t force them to be shallow, but it sure nudges them in that direction."

"Information overload induces ignorance."

"We partake in a culture of glib, gnomic generalizing."

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