Friday, May 29, 2009

R.S. Connett

"To make Art is a basic, instinctive need for the human animal. It pre-dates all language and civilization. I think it's Interesting that it is seldom an occupation that makes much money for the artist. Perhaps that is because anyone can do it? Or perhaps because people feel that art does not serve a 'functional' purpose? Perhaps this is because people do not "understand" what art is, and thus can not properly or confidently evaluate it?

It seemingly has no purpose other then to reach a deep yearning of the human spirit ... A deep yearning to 'create', To externalize our ideas and to emulate our visions of God. We want to create our own worlds, just like God. We can not command the seas to rise or the mountains to move ... but we can draw them any way we wish.

This need in us to make art, so unique to us, is the basis of all the cultures and human civilizations of the Earth. All that man has accomplished, the domination of the planet, all has it's basis in the creation of art."

-- R.S. Connett

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