Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Shattered Utopian Pods of Sanjhih 三芝

"BAD NEWS: These buildings [were] torn down in Jan. 2009.
Sanjhih is a small town on the north coast of Taiwan. It's near Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

In late 70's, a keeper of a rubber company worked out the prototype of the UFO house using his own factory. He want to build a contemporary style holiday resort. However, the rubber company closed down in the energy crisis in 1980. The UFO houses that was just begining was sealed up by the bank. In that time, there was only foundation and FPR compoments..."
-- cont. at cypherone

"If you can bribe a member of Bespin's Wing Guard into taking you on a spin around Cloud City, you won't regret spending the credits. The views are stunning."
―Excerpt from Ullok's Underground Guide to Bespin

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